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The 4 c’s, Color, Clarity, cut and carat.
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GIA [Gemological Institure of America] diamonds are the leading diamond certification organisation in the world. The four C’s were invented by GIA for the purposes of accomplishing the hard task of grading the quality of diamonds. The four C’s encompasses Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. These deemed as the most important factors when grading
a diamond. GIA Diamonds

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Why do we wear wedding rings?
Featured Wedding Rings

In our day and age, wedding rings have become an integral part of wedding ceremonies. But there are few who know where this age-old tradition comes from and the history behind it?

No one can really say for sure where or when this tradition came around but some believe that the oldest recorded exchange of wedding rings come from ancient Egypt some 4800 years ago.

The ring being circular, symbolises eternity, with no beginning or end. This belief however, was not only limited to the Egyptians.

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Featured Products
  • Palladium 950 8mm Flat Shape Wedding Ring Heavy Weight
  • Palladium 950 6mm Flat Court Shape Wedding Ring Medium Weight
  • 4mm D Shape Wedding Ring Medium Weight
  • 18ct Yellow Gold 4mm Court Shape Wedding Ring Heavy Weight
  • 18ct White Gold 4mm D Shape Wedding Ring Heavy Weight
All our wedding rings are handmade in England to ensure
the highest quality is achieved and maintained for each
and every ring we deliver to your doorstep.

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